FARE Builders Ltd is a Multidisciplinary Construction and Real Estate Company of Bangladesh. It is a synonym to quality, reliability and, commitment and portrays a pillar of strength since 2005.This Company plays a significant role in the Infrastructure Arena of Bangladesh.

FARE Builders Ltd always believe in quality and Commitment. It leads to boosting moral and team spirit. Our core values accommodate this power of inclusion. The power of inclusion also empowers to encourage the address of challenges and social needs of our times and for the future. We are living in times when on a daily basis, there is ever- increasing complexity and unpredictable business scenarios arising from global perspective, strains on resources and from persistent unstable economic situations. We are faced with challenges as well as opportunities which we can tackle with determination and desire benefits from, with our power of inclusion and collaboration.

FARE Builders Ltd is geared to come up with the right answers and solutions for the company, the customers, the society and the nation as a whole. By creating top class management we will continue to expand our business at evolutionary pace.

I take the opportunity once again to pledge our commitment to keep the interest of our stakeholders in order to enrich the way of life and the society in general.